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  • alumina crystalline structure

    So far, many crystalline states, or low-temperature and high-temperature types, have been discovered. The identified there are nine types of alumina: a, K, &, y, x, edge, γ, p, β, etc. β-Al2O3 is not a pure alumina.Its composition is Na20(K2O)-11Al2O3 containing alkali metal ions, but it is still customarily regarded as a kind of alumina.Al2O3 […]

  • advantage of silicon carbide crucible

    Silicon carbide crucible are a popular choice for many foundry applications due to their several key advantages over metal crucibles. The primary advantage of these crucibles is their high refractoriness, which allows them to operate at temperatures as high as 1600 degrees celsius. They can be utilized for melting and holding various ferrous and nonferrous […]

  • Uses of boron nitride

    Uses of hexagonal boron nitride   Hexagonal boron nitride is a material with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity, high insulation and excellent lubrication properties, and is widely used in petroleum, chemical, mechanical, electronic, electric power, textile, nuclear industry, aerospace and other sectors. Using the excellent chemical stability of hexagonal boron nitride, it […]

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